Joining Hands and Taking up a Journey

Top investors’ recognition and support to Leto


Taking up a journey with investors who focus on long term values

Starting from 7 years ago when Leto Laboratories was founded, it has closed 5 rounds of financing with a total amount over $62.8 million. That includes the angel round in 2016, Pre-A round in 2017, A round in 2019, B round in 2020, and B+ round in 2021. Investors are China Capital Management , SHERPA Healthcare Partners, Med-Fine Capital, Qirong Venture Capital, Hygeia Capital and so on.

  • 2017
    Pre-Series AFunding
    Yield Capital, SHERPA Healthcare Partners
  • 2019
    Series AFunding
    Med-Fine Capital, SHERPA Healthcare Partners, Qirong Venture Capital, Hygeia Capital
  • 2020
    Series BFunding
    Yijing Capital, Changping Development, Qiaojing Capital, TopAlliance
  • 2021
    Series B+Funding
    China Capital Management