Advanced Protein Technologies and Drug Development

Bridging the gap of technological advances in life sciences between China and the world

Science and R&D
  • Protein Refolding

    Protein refolding is a process of recovering protein aggregates in inclusion bodies in the form of misfolded and inactive proteins expressed by prokaryotes such as Escherichia coli back into proteins with correct conformation and bioactivity under appropriate conditions in vitro. It is a key technology for biopharmaceutical companies but a major bottleneck in protein production in prokaryotic expression systems. Leto Labs, having been specializing in protein refolding for many years, has a core team with over ten years’ experience in this technology and rich experience in its industrialization. Our team is summarizing the experience to form an independent technological system of ours.

  • Drug Discovery

    Leto Labs has set up over ten biological& drug discovery platforms focusing on identifying targets and modifying protein molecules in early drug discovery, including computer-aided drug design platform, high-throughput protein preparation platform, high-throughput protein screening platforms and so on.

  • Cytokine

    Cytokines are polypeptides synthesized and released mainly by immune cells. They serve a number of functions such as regulating cell growth and differentiation, immune response, inflammatory reactions and the progression and suppression of tumors. Cytokines can be broadly used in cancer treatment, infections, autoimmune diseases and other illnesses. Leto Laboratories has been focusing on cytokines research for many years, and is among the minority of enterprises making such efforts in China.

  • Polypeptide Drug

    Polypeptide drugs generally refer to peptide drugs based on amino acids with or without chemical modifications. Their molecular weight is less than 5000 Da, having strengths such as high specificity and good efficacy. Polypeptides as therapeutic drugs offer many advantages over proteins as macromolecules in that their preparation can achieve high purity and controllable quality, and it’s easier to determine their structures. Leto Laboratories has the capacity to develop polypeptide drugs at full process- from designing all the way to production.

Our product pipeline includes a variety of first-in-class drugs and high potential discoveries at early stage. They were carefully selected based on solid scientific evidence and clinical data by partnership with global players.